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Bringing Roman Seuso-treasures home
Decorating a great mind and a dear friend. Rest in peace, Sir Roger Scruton.
Bringing Roman Seuso-treasures home
Overcoming COVID-19, both technically and effectively
The Visegrád Group has become a formidable alliance. Central Europe is becoming conscious of its weight and influence in European affairs.
The Visegrád Group has grown into a significant alliance within the EU.
Tusványos summer camp, Transylvania.
The famous summer camp in Transylvania, Tusványos
Tusványos summer camp, Transylvania.
Crisis management, yet again.
One of the many European Council meetings discussing Brexit.
In the dawn of a new, democratic era.
Good discussions with a great European leader, President Sarkozy.
Meeting of parliamentary group leaders with President Árpád Göncz.
Commemorial speech in the Kozma Street Jewish Cemetery. Delayed for so long for no reason: apology to Hungarian Jews and normalizing dialogue.
Winning 13 out of the 21 Hungarian seats in the European Parliament in 2019.
Remembering Trianon a hundred years later. Hungarians are more united today than any time since 1920.
Keeping in touch with activists.
Meeting Giuseppe Conte in Rome. Historically, Italy is one of the closest nations to Hungary.
Meeting the Obamas.
Preparing for the party Presidency meeting.
They, who fought the 1956 Revolution shall be remembered forever. They passed the torch to us and we always pay tribute to those who fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of our freedom.
Visiting Jerusalem's Western Wall. Hungary has zero tolerance for anti-Semitism.
Hungarian football is basically a story of genius conjectures and inspiration, that is, art itself, life itself. A fair, open helmet game, the parties fight along the rules and things are always decided on the field.
Hungary is a sports nation. We have introduced daily gym classes to pupils across the country.
Listening to and debating the opposition can be amusing sometimes
Whatever the odds, standing up for Hungarians is always an honour. Leaders in Brussels need to respect the outcome of Hungarian elections.
With Chancellor Schüssel. Our history had its ups and downs but we will always have a special relationship with Austria.
Belgian EPP-leaders were always great deal-brokers. I appreciate the work of Hermann van Rompuy very much.
New times in Brussels.
A special moment for a grandfather.
One of the few who dared to speak up against illegal immigration.
With a great French President with Hungarian roots.
Overviewing Budapest with Nicolas Sarkozy
Friendly handshake with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at the Moncloa palace in Madrid.
Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, President of Croatia traveled to Budapest for the Hungarian-Croatian football clash. It was a good occasion to talk about other (less) serious questions like bilateral issues and European affairs - in the spirit of good neighborl
José María Aznar has been a friend and supported me in the hardest times.
Friendly talk with Janez in beautiful Salzburg. 2018
We are freedom fighters with Janez Janša. He is one of the European leaders who was there and knows the path we are walking.
Friendly talk with Janez in beautiful Salzburg
Debating socialist Prime Minister Gyula Horn in 1998.
Hosting Secretary Clinton in the Hungarian Parliament.
An early friend of Hungary and a major ally in democratic transition and the protection of Christian Democracy. Rest in peace, Chancellor Helmut Kohl.
President Hans-Gert Pöttering is a great friend of Hungary and is always welcome here.
Visiting the Hungarian-Serbian border with Matteo Salvini in 2019.
‚…This nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom - and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.’ Abraham Lincoln
Meeting with British author Douglas Murray. Discussing urgent and sometimes not so urgent affairs. I always value the insight of great leaders and great thinkers.
A selfie with my family.
Chuck Norris. Larger than life.
Hosting Charles Michel, President of the European Council in Budapest.
Hunor Kelemen is the President of RMDSZ and one of the most important leaders of Hungarians abroad. I consult with him regulary about Hungarian-Hungarian issues.
With Franciscan monk Csaba Böjte from Transylvania. Awarding one of the most notable Hungarians with something he should have always had: Hungarian citizenship.
I hope the Terminator will be back soon.
Two people who have seen a lot together.
Visit of Prime Minister Aléxis Cíprasz in Budapest. Sometimes one must explain the importance of heritage and history even to a Greek.
Meeting with the President of Hungary, János Áder, after winning re-election in 2018.
Meeting Chinese and Central European leaders in Dubrovnik.
Family time.
Visiting the Bulgarian-Turkish border with Boyko in 2016.
A difficult moment: announcing restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
With great Hungarian artists, Leslie Mándoki and Károly Frenreisz.
On my way to Brussels.
Historic times. Speaking in the first democraticly elected partliament after the fall of communism.
Different vision, same ambition: making Europe stronger.
Before the end of an era with Prime Minister David Cameron.
Gearing up for dirty work during the flooding.
European Council meetings always enjoy a lot of attention. Hungary strives for a strong Europe with strong nation states.
The view from the Prime Minister’s Office is breathtaking and meeting great minds like conservatice author Yoran Hazony is always inspiring.
Chatting with Silvio, a great fighter and loyal friend.
Flu vaccination. Stay safe.
Syrian Christians deserve our attention and our support. The harm and damage done to Christians in the Middle East are Biblical.
Inauguration of the statue of George H. Bush in Budapest, 2020
Presenting my vision and proposals for Fidesz in 1989
Fidesz delegation during the meeting of the parties putting forward national lists to the first democratic elections in decades. Prominent allies and friends until this da
Freedom of speech and assembly, the possibility to form real opposition parties marked the beginning of a new era.
Speaking at the third congress of Fidesz (Alliance of Young Democrats) in 1990
From anti-communist youth movement to parliament. The change of regime was a breath of fresh air.
Turning Fidesz into a people’s party.
At the annual State of Hungary address.
Building bridges between Slovakia and Hungary. The inauguration of the Mária Valéria bridge in 2001 was one of the early big success stories.
Decorating Edmund Stoiber, a great mentor.
President George H. Bush was a key figure in helping defeat communism. Both as Vice President and as President. You will always be remembered.
We may also ask the question like this: how are we going to find new sailors to sail our ship? We put in at Tortuga, and there we pick up whoever we find, thus running the risk that while we’ll have sailors, at some point they may steer us in a direction
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán takes the flag symbolizing the EU presidency from Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme. After Belgium, Hungary held the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union for half a year starting January 1, 2011. Our motto
Meeting president George W. Bush before the terrible attacks on 11 September.
Donald J. Trump, President of the United States.
Decorating a great mind and a dear friend. Rest in peace, Sir Roger Scruton.
Bringing Roman Seuso-treasures home
Decorating a great mind and a dear friend. Rest in peace, Sir Roger Scruton.